Misinformation, and how to protect yourself

There's a lot of misinformation out there, some people might tell you things about The Filing Cabinet and his friends that aren't true! This is because of Grog's disease messing with their minds and making them tell lies, and though these people make The Filing Cabinet sad, he and his friends feel great pity for the diseased.

How do I know if information I'm recieving from someone regaurding The Filing Cabinet's friend group is accurate? A question many have once a dear friend or relative gets tragically infected with any form of Grog's. It can be tempting to listen to any lies they tell you about The Filing Cabinet, and your spiritual family, and that temptation could lead to getting Grog's disease youself and straying from The Filing Cabinet's love and your chance at ascention. Information online about us can seem legitamate, but be very deceiving. If you're being presented with information about The Filing Cabinet's friend group, firstly keep in mind that nobody knows The Filing Cabinet's love as well as his friends who have accepted him into their hearts, so asking other filing friends to verify information you see, especially friendship hall sermon leaders or other long time filing friends with knowlege about our friend group is a great step to take. If you recieve information from non-filing friends, remember to re-read our page on Grog's Disease, to ensure that the source is not infected, and therefore trying to decieve you and infect you as well. You can learn about other individuals who have suffered from Grog's disese and the types of lies they've used to infect others.

Keep in mind that this website, friendsofthefilingcabinet.neocities.org, is consistantly updated with updated, factual information about The filing Cabinet and his friends, and is a great place to fact check any information you may come across that may seem a bit off to you. It is also best to determine if any criticisms of our friend group are coming from an honest place, or just mailice and Grog's disease. It can be easy and common for non-filing friends to not understand us, and then make things up about us, so you as a filing friend should always try to correct people who unknowingly spread misinformation, and ignore those who aim to mislead. It can also be helpful to report misinformation about The Filing Cabinet's friend group, that you find on any social media, to protect your friends from Grog's disease. Non-Believers and ex-friends of The Filing Cabinet are more likely to develop Grog's disease and more likely to spread misinformation.

Don't let others fool you into becoming ill in the worst possible way, and don't let them lead you away from the truth. The Filing Cabinet will never lie to you, and will always guide you to the entire truth. Remember that those who try to misguide you about The Filing Cabinet's love are not [REAL] like you and I.

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