Some people ask me:

"Wek, I know you said on that questioning The Filing Cabinet and his love for us can lead to Grog's disease,  but what if I have genuine questions about how I can better please The Filing Cabinet? How do I know what questions are okay to ask?"

Well, I'm glad you asked! And I'll let you know that THAT is a very GOOD question!

Now, The Filing Cabinet trusts us, and he wants us to trust him back! But when people get too critical about him and his friend group, and question things about his love, his motives (which are only to love us for eternity) or belief in him, he starts to feel like the people of our reality, who he loves and cares for so deeply, don't TRUST him the way he trusts US! And that makes him sad! Questions like that are often a sign of Grog's disease!

You know what they say about asking too many questions!

However, The Filing Cabinet really appreciates questions about how we can better show our love for him, and he wants you to understand him better! So questions like "How do I ascend?"  "Can I have another link to ?" "What will it be like in the UltraReality when I ascend?" or "How do I make sure The Filing Cabinet approves of my behavior?" are welcomed! Questions like these let The Filing Cabinet know you have good intentions and simply want to learn! And who doesn't love learning? :D

Now you know how to ask proper questions about The Filing Cabinet and his friend group! And remember, The Filing Cabinet loves you very much! <3

Here are some questions you may have:


"Why is he a filing cabinet?"

"The Filing Cabinet is a celestial being who can choose to appear to us as any form he chooses. He wanted to pick something as nonthreatening to the people in this reality as possible. This is because, despite being a powerful deity, he wants us to know that he is not a vengeful or cruel god, but a loving and caring friend, who means us no harm."

"Do we worship The Filing Cabinet?"

"That would depend on your definition of worship. Yes, we acknowledge he is the god of the UltraReality, and we try our best to live by his guidance. However, our relationship with him is more like a friendship, he is our best friend. To some, he can even feel like a parent."

"How can I make The Filing Cabinet happy?"

"Simply accept him into your heart, and treat him and his friends well. Be nice to him, tell him he looks nice today. Most importantly, live by his guidance, and conduct yourself in a way that would make him proud. Show him that you love him!"