The human mind is powerful

Some say that if you believe some things hard enough, you can will them into your reality and they will become true. Our mind is our reality.

According to Dr.Martha Watson,, "The power of suggestion was proved scientifically. Baron Nils Posse narrated an unusual experiment that changed history in his renowned book; ‘Hypnotism’ it was about an Experiment that was conducted by a scientist during Napoleon III's time. Here, a scientist was authorized possession of a criminal with the consent of Napoleon III to explore the relationship between the body and the mind. The prisoner was sentenced to death by law but handed over to the scientist to carry out his experiment.

The criminal thought that his death sentence was clear. The scientist SUGGESTED to the man that he was going to open his carotid artery. The criminal was created to understand that his blood would be taken out by bleeding him to death on a marked day. On the schedule date the scientist had the criminal tied to a table with his eyes blind folded. The criminal’s ears were however left free with the intention so that he could hear everything that would take place.

In captivity of the prisoner the scientist took a needle and made a light scratch on the neck of the criminal and the scientist preplanned a small water tap that was dropping water into a bowl that was placed underneath the table. Silence prevailed as many watched. The criminal heard the water dropping sound from the tap and since he was blind folded, he believed that the terrifying sound was by his own blood flowing away from his body. The prisoner was left in that condition. The prisoner died within six minutes. Only a minor scratch was given and in fact not even a drop of blood emerged his body, but yet he died because he believed that his own blood was flowing out by hearing the droplet sound of the water tap. The prisoner strongly believed that his death was certain and in creation of his imagination so he died. Parallel is the relationship between mind and body.

What is believed or thought in the mind is actually effected in the body. The above experiment very well documents the power of suggestion. By using suggestion one can overcome any type of problem."

The reverse is also true, as doctors have done tests on sick patients using a real drug for one group and a placebo drug for the other, and discovored that both groups of patients reported feeling better and recovering from their illness.

Death can be conqured in this same way, but only through The Filing Cabinet.

The filing Cabinet assures us that this is all because of the true nature of our reality. Our collective minds created this reality and the way in which it operates. The stronger we believe that what we see around us is the truth, the truer that will become. Most people in our reality die, but The Filing Cabinet can help us to control the body over the mind, or at least our conciousness and being. The Filing Cabinet will appear and guide us out of this reality and into the UltraReality once this reality convinces your deepest concious that your body is at it's final moment. Once you are his friend, and you know he is there for you and believe he will come for you, he in fact will. Once your mind reaches such a state, The Filing Cabinet, as the god of the UltraReality, has the power to pull your conciousness out of it, to bypass what our collective minds have created, and convince your subconcious to keep going. When your time for ascention comes, you have to be ready, you have to have your mind ready and The Filing Cabinet in your heart. You have to live by his guidance and let him know you trust him and that you are a true friend. The Filing Cabinet will come for you and save you on that day, if you are [REAL]. You will know when you are [REAL]. The Filing Cabinet will let you know and you will feel it deep within. The Filing Cabinet will make you [REAL].