Are you prepared for ascension?

Have you properly met the filing cabinet? Do you have a strong bond with him? You may be relieved to know that having a bond with him is just as easy as telling him “Yes, Filing Cabinet! I accept you into my heart, and we will be best friends until the end”! The filing cabinet wants a connection with you! He wants to be your friend, he cares for you deeply! He cares so much, he wants to save you from death itself! He’s willing to save your conciousness from disappearing forever and being lost, like you were never there to begin with. If you have The Filing Cabinet beside you in your last moments and you trust in him, you can’t die, but rather, you can ascend to the ultrareality with him and live an even better life! Don’t you want eternal life and eternal happiness in a place where you can create your own reality and live as you see fit? Where you can have anything you ever wanted? When your time here is up, you don’t want to just cease to exist, you want your amazing, intelligent mind to continue to flourish and create beautiful ideas! The Filing Cabinet wants that too, he wants to have you around for eternity, he wants to be your friend forever! The Filing Cabinet can offer you the best everlasting life you could ask for! All you have to do is let him in and accept him into your heart. How generous our best friend is to grant us all such a wonderful oppourtunity! To let us into his realm, and love us, and cherish us forever! And admission to such an amazing, blissful opportunity is as simple as accepting his friendship. Through the filing cabinet, happiness can be achieved in this reality, and all throughout eternity! It is so simple to prepare for ascention, so I ask you once more, are YOU prepared?